Greenwich Hospital Major surgeries requiring anesthetic support are performed in the Greenwich Hospital. Our new hospital facility is state of the art in medical support and patient comfort. It assures a level of utmost safety and postoperative care for your operation.
A unique inpatient Cosmetic Surgery Unit is part of our hospital. Here you may have the same level of excellence in care and safe postoperative monitoring as for any other functional surgery. Your identity is confidential and your private room secure from unwanted interruption. Several major cosmetic procedures benefit from a postoperative overnight stay. (Refer to Aesthetic surgery section under Procedures above)

Office Operating Room Minor surgeries using local anesthesia are regularly performed in our office operating room. These would include benign or malignant skin growths, soft tissue cysts and scar revisions. This level of surgery is truly in-and-out and is the most frequent form of surgical disease treated. (Refer to Reconstructive surgery section under Procedures above)