The nose is the most striking facial feature. Magically a good result seems to click into place, making every other feature look right.

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Rhinoplasty is the "magic trick" of plastic surgery. Much like the magician pulling a rabbit from a hat, a new nose emerges from the old without an external scar. No other procedure in Plastic Surgery can match this feat! The real "trick" for the surgeon is to visualize from the outer nose the new refined yet natural nose within.

Your surgeon must reduce and sculpt away the excess, the bulky oversized cartilages and bone, to allow ideal redraping of the soft tissue skin envelope. Yet he must be sensitive to retain the good structures, to preserve the natural angles which already exist, and to keep the best parts of your nose which are hidden within. In this way a new nose emerges which is a refined representation of a person's own innate shape. Yet structures must not be overresected nor excessively shaped or a tell tale "nose job" look results.

This is particularly important in male rhinoplasty. One of four patients seeking nasal correction is a man. Our aesthetic goal in men is to create a regular yet strong nose, which retains the maleness of the face. Too much refinement in a man "feminizes" the nose, causing it to stand out as strangely inappropriate and obviously overdone.

Everyone recognizes a bad nose and many people consider themselves to be a judge of rhinoplasty. An obvious "nose job" may frighten away a person who might otherwise seek surgery. A fine result will pass the test of acceptance by all who know the person, appearing as if it has always been the patient's own nose. This is the "art" which separates a technical over-operated nose from an aesthetically balanced result. This is the result which also builds the reputation of the plastic surgeon.

Often the entire "look" of a person is transformed, as the nose is the most striking feature of the face. Magically a good result seems to click into place, making every other feature look right. People who look attractive in spite of an irregular nose will light up as something truly special or even beautiful when the nose is brought into harmony with the other facial features. Patients with happy outcomes change their hair, their makeup, and their style. They soon forget the nose they began life with and rapidly grow into their new self.

Rhinoplasty has always been one of my favorite operations. As a surgical intern at Columbia I took part in the care of a young woman who came to Presbyterian hospital for cosmetic nasal surgery. While observing the transformation of this initially unattractive young patient from her day of admission through her day of surgery to the moment of having her splint removed, I myself became transformed! The smile on her face as she viewed her new self told me that a surgery which brought this kind of joy was the specialty of surgery that I would do for my career.

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