Cosmetic surgery can and should be one of the most joyful experiences in a person's life. It is an elective choice freely made to alter one's facial image or body contour to achieve a desired and improved appearance. Our patients are unique, as they should enter this experience in good health. This imposes an even greater responsibility on your surgeon to not only produce an artful result but as importantly a healthy healed patient. Only in this way can we have happy patients.

Our specialty of plastic surgery is based on the meticulous performance of operations grounded in basic principles of surgical science. The doing of an operation on a patient is a serious responsibility, which must have the patient's safety and well being as its main concern. Cosmetic surgeries are real operations whose successful outcomes require a standard of performance and care equal to any surgery a patient might undergo. To this foundation is added the surgeon's personal skill, judgment and aesthetic eye. Cosmetic operations are not trivial events. They are not "in and out" procedures, nor without discomfort or a period of appropriate healing.

The finest results in any cosmetic surgery will always be a natural extension of the patient's own appearance. I want to listen to my patient's wishes and understand their goals. I never impose an artificial outcome on their unique identity. My challenge as a surgeon is to discover within each patient the best of his or her own features in order to refine or restore those aspects without creating extremes or unnatural distortions. This must always be done with the highest standards of safety in a protected, accredited operating environment.

Cosmetic plastic surgery has become the most overmarketed professional service in America. Each new day brings another fashion magazine article followed in rapid order by a spate of "advertising doctors" who tell us and would like to sell us their wares. The publicists are hired to promote the "latest, newest, quickest nip & tuck", and the unwary public lines up to see this new innovative procedure, and worse, even to have it performed. So many "newest" techniques have come and gone in these thirty years of my practicing as to convince me of the recklessness that may result from innovation for its own sake.

In this website I present examples of my own surgery on many happy patients. I hope these will illustrate procedures you may be considering or are simply curious about. I try to share my aesthetic considerations for each specific area of cosmetic surgery, which exemplifies my philosophy.

There is no airbrushing; the outcomes are as they are. I am indebted to the many patients who have chosen me as their plastic surgeon these past years.