Take a few moments to study the two portraits I've chosen to illustrate the changes of facial ageing. The firm contoured fullness of round cheeks, and the smoothness of the mid face of youth is replaced by a gaunt hollowing out of cheeks, flattening of the cheekbone contour, and downward sagging of skin below the eyes is no longer supported by the once present cheekbone fat. The midface lines of ageing fold inward aside the lower nose and the mouth sags down at the corners.

These portraits illustrate Plastic Surgeons' modern understanding of the processes of VOLUME LOSS which progressively occur in major portions of ones' cheekbone and mid cheek areas as we age. Further creases of fat loss occur along the lines of natural facial expression from the lateral nose to the corners of our mouths, and below the corners of the mouth downward to both sides of the chin. So called "Marionette lines". In both zones facial fat loss occurs by atrophy. On the surface planes of the cheeks by wasting, and in the folds by compression from the action of normal facial movement. These vary in severity from one person to another, caused by ones' own individual facial expressions. Traditional surgical measures such as Facelift do not replace the fat volume lost. Vain attempts to "smooth out" folds lead to excess tightening of the mid face. Such an excessive operation causes unnatural flattening and an overstretched appearance, rather than restoring needed fullness of the youthful cheekbone. Facelift can firm the under jawline neck looseness, but will not rebuild the cheeks of youth.

Let me not depress you too much, as there now is a safe, non-surgical enhancement available today by use of skillful injections of new formulations of Facial Fillers. The addition of biocompatible fillers to our tools of facial rejuvenation is real! At first patients were reinjected with their own fat, but that unreliable and costly technique has now been replaced by using safe Hyaluronic Acid gels of a variety of types and brand names. These are used in different formulas of thickness (viscosity) for varied areas of need in ones' facial structure.

Simply put, we fill the creases, and pad the flat places with gentle injections of medically pure Volume replacing Gels. It works as we now better understand the ageing process.