Botox has been medically available since the 1980's as an "off label" cosmetic treatment of facial creases and frown lines. Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Neurologists have creatively explored its use beyond the initial intended treatment of "Blepharospasm" by observing its effects on adjacent areas of the face. The effectiveness and SAFETY of careful anatomically focused Botox injections by trained specialist Physicians led to FDA approval of its use in 2002, and again in 2013 to the most common zones of cosmetic facial concern. It has now become the most common non-surgical procedure in the United States. Literally millions of patients undergo Botox injection annually with negligible complication when done by Doctors with established practice.

When performed skillfully by a trained physician to the approved frown lines of the UPPER FACE it is unequalled by surgery in achieving the desired rejuvenating effects. It has now become my own preference to offer patients seeking facial surgery this positive alternative in place of an operation.
The primary facial area of greatest effect are the parallel frown lines between the brows. These give a look of anger or excess worry to a persons' appearance. We all have them, but not to the same degree as persons SO concerned! Addition of treatment to forehead frown lines will effect a more complete calming and quiet look as well as a gentle lateral brow lift, which is instead of surgery! Last, the relaxation of "crows' feet" lines at the lateral eyelids add to a youthful smoothing of ones' expression. These last are not always effective for everyone.

The best and the worst concerns about Botox ARE THE SAME. If you don't like the changed appearance, it will be gone in three months. But, if you DO like the look, it will also be gone in three months. This then requires repeat treatment about every three months. I always ask my happy Botox patients "how often do you color your hair?" And then we put them on a return call list for repeat treatment!

There is much more to be said to properly educate a person about this novel and most common cosmetic treatment, so come and visit me for a consultation to discuss your own concerns.