"The finest results in any cosmetic surgery will always be a natural extension of the patient's own appearance." - Joel M. Rein, M.D.

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Redux1Pre B50C30 picture - case 17225 Redux1Post B50C30 picture - case 17225
Breast Reduction
28yo. Gravida 0. Removed ~ 600Gm. each side. must leave enough breast tissue in Reduction to preserve projection. Post op views at one year. ...
Redux2Pre B20C10 photo - case 17224 Redux2Post B20C10 photo - case 17224
Breast Reduction
37yo. Gravida 2. Nursed both children. Cup size EE. Removed 680Gm. each side. (Perhaps a little too much, as breasts have flattened.) Post op at one year. Cup size C Cup...
Redux4Pre B40C20 picture - case 17223 Redux4Post B60C40 picture - case 17223
Breast Reduction
19yo. Gravida 0. EE Cup to D Cup. Removed 550Gm./side. Breast projection preserved. Post op 1 year. ...
Redux5Pre B60C40 photo - case 17221 Redux5Post B60C40 photo - case 17221
Breast Reduction
21yo. Gravida 0. DD Cup to C+ Cup. Removal of ~ 430Gm./ side. Excellent scar healing. Post op 1 year...
Redux6Pre B20C10 picture - case 17220 Redux6Post picture - case 17220
Breast Reduction
34yo. Gravida 1. EE Cup to C+ Cup. Removed 390/410Gm./side. 1 year POST OP...
Redux7Pre B40C20 photo - case 17219 Redux7Post B40C20 photo - case 17219
Breast Reduction
39yo. Gravida 3 with moderate stretch marks. Removed ~ 350Gm.each side. D Cup to C Cup. Good improvement of stretch marks at 1 year Post op...
Redux8Pre B30C10 picture - case 17222 Redux8Post B20C10 picture - case 17222
Breast Reduction
44yo. Gravida 2. EE Cup size to C+ Cup size. ~ 450Gm. removed/side. Post op 6mo. showing some hypertrophy of scars at this earlier stage of healing...

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